Risk Disclosure Statement

  1. This Risk Disclosure Statement discusses some of the principal risks of operations with Crypto, but the key risks described in this Statement are not exhaustive.
  2. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you understand all the relevant risks of the services and digital assets, as well as analyze, evaluate and understand the terms, features, all possible risks and other relevant implications and carefully consider whether it is appropriate for you.

You are required to have prior necessary knowledge and experience of Crypto and how it operates.

  1. Cocabit does not provide advice on how to manage bought digital assets.
  2. By using the Platform, you acknowledge that you have understood the associated risks and that you accept these risks, among those key risks are:

4.1. Crypto is a highly volatile asset in terms of functioning and pricing. Price is set by market, and Cocabit does not provide advice on its possible future changes. Change of price exposes you to market risk. Unpredictability of the price of digital assets relative to fiat currency may result in significant loss.

4.2. As Crypto is a highly technological and decentralized solution, using it you are exposed to operational risks. Cocabit does not provide guarantees against possible failures and malfunctions of digital assets.

4.3. Operations on blockchain remain is sole responsibility of the clients. Cocabit does not provide services of operating crypto wallets.

4.4. Regulatory and tax issues regarding buying, selling and keeping digital assets are governed by local law of the client, and client is responsible to keeping compliant to said legislation.

5.All services are provided only after receiving instruction from client.

6. Operations with crypto currency have a heightened risk of the investment scam. You must be aware that numerous fraudulent platforms try to exploit lack of awareness, and claim they provide investment or brokerage services. They use persuasion, pressure and deceit to motivate owners of crypto currency to invest their funds with them in hope of unrealistic profits. Some examples:

Shark Option PTY LTD

Soltech / Soltech X



Cocabit does not partner with brokers or investment advisors.